Friday, March 18, 2016

On the plane to France

How did I get here.

In 12 hours I will be in Nairobi, Kenya. Again. 

On the first day of our African studies couse we had the introductory lecture about the program and I realised that it was very flexible. It was possible to do follow the web-based courses for the second half of the year…or…to do 2 courses at the same time in 5 weeks in Sweden, 200% of the normal study pace. So right there it was decided: I am going to Africa for my research. I did not know where I am going and for what, but I knew that I am going. So, in the evening of 25th of February I had completed all the courses in the campus and on the next day I was already at my Estonian office. 2 weeks later I’m on the plane. Kenya might sound like a safe choice compared to some options that I had. But when I decided to do my research in Africa, at the same time I also decided to get out of my comfort zone. Although so many people suggested me to write about something I am already familiar with and as much as I am convinced that they were right, I ignored these suggestions. The option of flying into Kenya, taking bus to Shianda village and conducting the research there was tempting, but I realised that I should be little bit more selfish. During this year I want to gain new theoretical knowledge and new practical skills. So, I chose something that I have been interested in for already long time – refugee camps. I read about them and wrote 3 of my assignments on them. The more I read, the more interesting it seems. However, I was not very sure that where and what I am going to do. But then one day I was in the class and suddenly everybody had to tell about their research plan. Well. Refugee camps. Somewhere in East Africa. South Sudan seemed interesting. So, that's what I said. In Estonia we have belief that one should not say certain things loudly, otherwise they might not happen. I believe opposite - talking about your dreams is a step closer to fulfill them. So anyway, the situation in South Sudan is getting worse and even more unstable now, so I decided to stick with the „safe choice“ of Kenyan camps.

One day before
So yesterday I experienced something that I decided to call „A day before syndrome“. All my friends and family seemed to be extra nice, Estonia seemed to be so beautiful and peaceful and everything seemed to be so cool. I asked myself for quite a few times, why was it necessary to buy this plane ticket. I could have just stayed at home, read some books and written something about Africa. I was afraid of the unknown. I have had this feeling so many times. But I know that soon I will be fine and then I have similar feeling about my return.

To do list
I can not complain about boredom. I have 2 reports to write for work, one project proposal, short assignment for school for tomorrow and then some kind of thesis of something. Tomorrow I launch myself to the UN refugee office (if they let me in) and ask what they need to be researched and how do I get into the camps. I have some plans B, C and D also. Well. Welcome back to Africa. 8th time J 

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