Thursday, December 16, 2010

Undiscovered areas...

Trip: one week.
The most impressive places: a lot
Climbing hours: 9
Full days of walking: 3 (2 with bags)
Main food: mangoes...
The price of an accommodation for 2 people everywhere during the trip: 200 sh (=2 euros)
Hours waiting for a matatu in one town: 12
New phone numbers of locals: 4
The craziest thing: the night matatu from Tot to Iten with the sleeping stopover in middle of nowhere for 2 hours
The favorite experience: walking in a mango garden with a local who gave us as much as we could carry + walking from village to village
What do I think: next time again, maybe with little bit less things :)

1. impressive place: ORTUM
In the beginning of the 5 hours climbing...up and only up

After some really difficult parts of the trail.

There were still people living

4 hours walked, no food, but good mood

You can call it THE view point

Local woman climbing to the top and guiding us

You can call this THE VIEW as well

How did these cows get up here?

From Lomut to Tot
Morning sun

the mountain

The mountain vol 2


River means a town. Town means a river.

Travelling in the truck

Lomut market

Tegla Lorupe Peace Race...Stop cattle raiding

The bed

Truck traveling vol 2

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