Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Left alone.

Alari started moving towards to Estonia and I returned alone to my home in Shianda. After the trip that was not my favorite one I arrived to Shianda and everything was the way it is in Shianda.

Yesterday I lighted the lamp and started writing. Then I got the idea to draw. I usually never draw. But I did it this time. And I was drawing 4 different images... somehow I liked it. I was just listening music, thinking, writing, drawing... Today I add also learning Swahili and reading. It's good to have my own space for a while - I have a whole house :) Before drawing I did another thing that I do quite rarely - I was cleaning and arranging the house. It created a good and peaceful feeling that some things are in order - felt like I would have cleaned my life as well.

There's less than a week left in Shianda before I take a vacation. It feels good and I have enough time.

Yesterday I decorated the home:) Next to the map of Estonia and Kenya, I added the big and colorful world map. I have always wanted to have the world map on my wall and now I have it.

No more news.
Last week, last week :)

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