Friday, October 8, 2010

Another rainy afternoon

Today is Friday - that means the only free day in the week.

I was planning to just rest and to do nothing, but then I managed still to wash my things, to bring water twice and to cook spaghetti on the open fire. Then it was half past twelve and it felt like I should do something. So I came to Kakamega town to talk about my bicycle that is broken and the shop promised to repair it. I also checked the prices for the solar panels and batteries and decided not to buy those and to keep on living without electricity. The last thing will be buying a new phone - mine had no network in most of the time and it got lost somewhere also. Phones are cheap here. So many things that I was thinking about already for few weeks will be done.

I feel little bit tired, but we have been traveling for 2 weeks and working almost every day and talking about work every evening for 3 weeks, so I guess it is time to feel tired. My plan is to pull myself together and to work 7 days starting from tomorrow without a break and then to leave Shianda for a while, to rest and think about other things.

In general, I feel like the work of research and family visits is reaching to the end and we are now in the planning and doing phase how to help the ones who need it. To make these decisions is not always easy, because this is kind of cruel game. Who to take and who to leave. But I always tell myself that if I wouldn't do it, then nobody would get any help at all.

Last week we were paying the school fees of the program children - the ones who had loans at school and who were sent home and not allowed to go back anymore. We have paid fees for about 25 children and some amounts are really small. In general these amounts are not more than 5 euros and children are sitting at home because of this amount.

It feels strange to have internet working already for more than one hour. In Shianda there is usually no electricity or no internet.

Few days ago, me and Alari we started remembering the times in Sweden. It was funny, because almost 2 months have passed from the time we left and until now we have not talked about these times at all. It was funny to remember all that and we were talking until the night.

In general, I have got used to the Kenyan life again and feels like I would have not been away.

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