Monday, September 20, 2010

It feels good... be back!

I remember how I was preparing myself mentally for any possible feelings that could occur when I will be back in Kenya, but after 2 and half weeks here I can only say that it feels good to be back.

It is not possible to compare my second time in Kenya with the first time at all. Firstly, I was mentally prepared for everything that made me stressed and feeling bad. I saw many documentaries, read books and blogs about other's experiences in Kenya/Africa and it helped me to be ready for the things that make it difficult to be a white person in Kenya. I accepted that this is the way it is and the less energy I devote to it, the more I have for the things I need my energy for.

Second and very important thing. If a Kenyan has been honest to you during 1,5 years, then it is a really good reason to trust this person. I have here one family, one orphange and two persons who I can trust and it makes everything so much more easier. Like A LOT more easier.

There are so many things in Kenya that I understood I had missed or that I love.
Communication is simple.
People are simple.
Life is simple.
Mornings are the time to start... I do not need an alarm. I wake around seven and want to do things. Never happened in Europe.
Motorbike taxies.
Eating simple and cheap food in caffe.
Great persons.
There is time.
Real communication.
Opportuntity to make a small change.
and more...

At the moment I am living with my 4 friends at Esther's home and we volunteer for Wefoco. I have several ideas and projects and everything is so much more easier than last time that it is even difficult to believe it.

So I am happy here. Living without electricity and running water, sleeping on the mattress on the ground and going to the "hole in the ground" toilet if anybody is worried about my living conditions. My day starts at 6.45 if I wake thanks to the coq's and cows voice, then Kenyan tea and bread and washing in open air shower place. Walking or bycicle to my current day tasks. Ugali or rice. Home at 18.30. Talks. People. Nature. Phone call to my friend. And to the bed around 9.

Greetings from Kenya.

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  1. Great! Can't wait to read more about your adventures in Kenya :)