Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 months left

Lately I have spent a lot of time reading different travel blogs by people who mostly are backpacking around the world for a long time. Some of them define it as a one year trip, go back home and continue their normal lives. Other people do not have the timelimit and they seem to not want to return. They have been on the road for two, three, seven years. These people travel mostly alone or sometimes as couples - two crazy persons.

There does not seem to come an end to this kind of stories and blogs, so there's a lot of people, who have done it and who will do it... and it makes me feel good. I get some kind of mental support from these stories.

My story is different. I have been away from home over a year for now. 15 months. And I will be for 2 years at least. During the first 5 months I was travelling and discovering only one country. I would have had the opportunity to leave Kenya and to travel all Eastern Africa. But I did not have this need to see in a short time as much as possible. I didn't feel like I would like to leave Kenya to discover something else. I was very busy with this country. I came home and I didn't feel like the story between me and Kenya has finished.

I remember how I needed to decide in January, what will I do next. Because I needed to have a plan to start collecting money for that. I was having some kind of ideas, but while planning for those, I did not feel happy in my heart. After talking with my good friend I understood that he already knew what was my decision, but I have not understood it yet. Yes, the decision is not reasonable at all. To return to the same place for the same amount of time, while there was all world waiting for me. After I had made this decision, I felt peace. I felt that it could not go any other way.

I got my proof for that in May, while travelling to Iceland and Faroe Islands. I was going to the places that I had dreamed about since I was young, but I felt like driving away from my heart with every step. I really enjoyed the trip, but something was on the way to enjoy it the fullest.

After I had made my decision, I decided to talk about it only to the ones who were really interested in my life and I also tried to start dealing with some projects for that. During some months I got the great feeling of making the right decision, as for now 4 of my friends want to join me. Additionally, I got a supporting organisation for my project and many people offered moeny for the children and families. Every little interest from people is a great apprichiation and makes me really happy. This culture is so far from us and if people care about it, it's just great.

So even if it is just two months until a half-year adventure, I even do not think about it so often. I am peaceful and I like how the day is coming closer. I know that it is not going to be easy. But I know that I want to be more open-minded this time and to discover the culture without fear. To spend more time with people. To talk, listen and learn.

I know that I will meet many people who are very happy to see me again. And as it is a suprise to everybody there, it should be even more exciting. Six months is a very long period of time and I am ready to take the most of each day. At the moment, any around the world trip could not make me happier than going back to the country where I have already lived.

After these six months, I have been living and travelling in Kenya for one year and I can already now say that there's a place in Africa, where I go just because I want. There's no reason needed. You do not need a reason to go home, do you? That's how I feel before my trip back. I do not need a reason. I just feel like this. And I know that I am a very lucky person to have a opportunity to do what I feel.

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