Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kakuma in photos

26 agencies working in Kakuma

Each block has a water point

South Sudanese girl in Kakuma 4

Young girls asked for photo

South Sudanese children
A woman building her house
Houses are being built by the refugees

Reception centre

Children taking care of children

Livelihoods project with chicken in Hong Kong part of camp

Training by Danish refugee council in Kakuma 4

Flooding in camp during the rainy season

Reception centre

Refugees transported from the reception centre

Refugees waiting in the reception center

Food distribution in Kakuma 4

Food distribution

Monthly food ration is carefully measured

Somali woman with child

Turkana woman begging for food after refugees have received food rations

South Sudanese girls on their bed made out of mud

Food rations for one person per month

Somali motorbike taxi driver

Woman having phone charging business using solar power as there is no electricity in the camp

Young South Sudanese man

Turkana woman begging for food from refugees
Congolese Rachel and her 3 children

Rachel's friend

South Sudanese women after the interview

At Don Bosco vocational training centre checking the per centage of female students

Reception centre, temporary accommodation arrangement for new arrivals

South Sudanese woman 

A student who walks 2 hours daily to attend dress-making courses

Congolese children

My usual transportation
Interviewing women

Together with the Kenyan national staff
A South Sudanese woman who borrowed money from friend to open up a shop

Somali woman selling vegetables at the market
Food distribution
My biggest helper, the block leader in Kakuma 4

Thomas at his home
Many agencies work on women rights

LWF compound

The chef who cooked fries daily for me :)

welcome to Kakuma...

Posters on the walls - very popular :) 

Business training by Danish Refugee Counsil
Reception center entrance

Typical dinner

...and the kitchen where this dinner was cooked
Kakuma 1

A refugee waiting to be transported from the reception center

A grandmother having her cooking business

Mother of 4 children with 4 businesses to support her family

Daily exercise

My main helper in Kakuma 1, block leader

Women walking for food collection

At the market

School girls during holiday
The most serious boy I saw at the transit center

The most serious boy I saw at the transit center
Food distribution at the transit center

Woman at the transit center

Children waiting for the immunization at the transit center

Reception center
Colorful businesses in the camp

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