Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just for a week

"Just for a week" was my only thought in the first evening that I brought home a small 8-years old girl, Rael. As my friends know, I am not the biggest fan of children - I mean I can't actually imagine myself having one now to take care in long term. But Rael is a small disabled girl, who lives in a small village, very far away from any facilities for disabled children, such as hospital and special school, therefore she was just staying at home without going to school or treatment. So, on last Tuesday, I took the motorbike taxi, drove to her village and took the girl while getting many blessings by their parents, who lacked money even for a 100 shillings (1 euro) therapy hours and 200 shillings transport cost for a day treatment of the girl. They simply finished the treatment, when the money finished, but Rael is improving very well and treatment is absolutely nessecary.

So, due to the donations made by my friends, I was able to enroll Rael to the special school for disabled children. They promised to open the dorm (with a care taker) in the next week, so I decided to let the girl to stay at my place until this time and to try to improve her health situation. When she came, she had fever and bad cough, so one day was filled with the hospital visit and getting medicines. Next days with adjusting the crutches and teaching the correct walking pattern. Also school of course. Helping with the home work, taking lunch there and so on.

Now, after only one week, I feel like without this small girl something would be really missing. So, tomorrow they open the dorm and it's possible to take her there, but I am not sure, if I do it. There are still few weeks left for me in Kenya.

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