Friday, October 29, 2010

Same place, same work, but so different.

If I compare my current work and life in Shianda with the one I had little bit more than one year ago in the same place, it is very different. This time I could skip all the progress of getting know the place and getting used to the culture, as well as dicovering the interesting aspects about how it is possible to run a project here. During the time I was away from Kenya, I had time to think about all that I experienced and accept it. And the running organisation is so much easier to work with than the starting organisation:)

Next week, Alari is going away and leaving me alone to represent the Estonians here. Luckily, a huge amount of work has been done, leaving me here to enjoy the first results and to prepare the next inetresting projects. Life is peaceful and the days are filled with moving forward.

I like where I am now, I like what I am doing and I like the direction I am moving to.
If somebody wants some special chirsthmas presents from Kenya, it is the very last time to order those.


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