Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcomings and goodbyes...

Yesterday evening right before it gets dark... we were on boda-bodas (bicycle taxis) with my visitor from France and I felt just happy. The sunset was even not beautiful, but overwhelming... It was peaceful evening without rain and everything had gone the way it had to go.

Having a visitor helped me also to realize more, how great and special is the area where I live, the family at who's place I stay and how good is to be here. Today was also Elen's last day in Shianda village. She said that She feels like She has not finished something here. Exactly the feeling I had after I left Kenya last time. She also repeated several times that life in Kenya is somehow very natural and simple. Also the feeling that I couldn't put into the words before, but now it is said.

Yesterday we showed a video about HIV/AIDS in the Shitoto Girls Secondary School and had a really friendly conversation with them after that. Also 50 of them could do the HIV test. Today we held a seminar for one of our groups that is connecting disabled community members and I my topic was hygiene. The time after that is used in the internet place, because they have electricity and we need to put our photos and videos to computer and DVDs. As following days I will stay in the hotel (read: I have electricity to use computer), I will sort photos and the first ones will be available soon.

Yep. The time of goodbyes is always bittersweet, but makes me to value every day more and more.
Have a nice trip, Elen!


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